If you are interested in becoming an owner there are several options to consider. Outright ownership is preferred by some, whilst others enjoy the fun of sharing a horse with friends or colleagues.

We offer various options depending on your budget. All owners are encouraged to be involved and are kept informed of their horses’ progress and race plans. Owners are welcome to visit the yard at any time and mornings on the gallops are followed by breakfast. We also have an annual open day where all the horses are on parade followed by a buffet lunch.

We are fortunate to have a yard sponsor, Science Supplements, which enables all VAT registered owners to claim back their VAT. A Science Supplements logo is displayed on jockey silks, horse paddock sheets and staff clothing.

Sponsorship is optional and you could also have your horse sponsored by your own company.

The BHA have introduced a simplified ownership structure as follows:

Sole Ownership

You own the horse outright; it runs in your name and your colours. You are responsible for all costs but also don’t have to share the prize money!


For organisations wishing to own a horse under the name of a company or business.


Racing Partnerships are a cost-effective way of becoming an owner. A partnership is for two or more registered owners that wish to own a horse together.  Partnerships are likely to comprise family or friends and allow owners to share in the responsibility of the racehorse ownership.


For a group of people coming together to own a horse, but who do not have to be sole owners in their own right.  The ownership is managed and set up by a syndicator who is responsible for the syndicate.  A syndicate often comprises a larger number of people than a Partnership. Currently, there are three syndicates with horses at Edmunds Racing Limited:

BDR Syndicates

Learn more

Ben Turner Racing

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The Danum Partnership

Learn more

Racing Club

For a group of people coming together to experience the thrill of racehorse ownership.  The club manager will be responsible for the Racing Club, but unlike in a Syndicate, members of a Racing Club do not own the racehorses.  Instead, members are likely to pay a subscription in order to enjoy some of the benefits of racehorse ownership. Full details of the Stuart Edmunds Racing Club can be found here.


Mass ownership of a racehorse for a £100 share.  Own part of the horse and enjoy the experience of ownership at an affordable £100 per share.  


Additionally, you may wish to consider the Lease of a horse, which is a great way of getting involved in any of the above ownership structures without the initial outlay of purchasing a horse. You do not own the horse but are responsible for its training costs. The horse would run in your name and colours, and you would receive a percentage of any prize money.


We will assist you with your BHA registration, VAT, banking, insurance, colours design, silks etc.

BHA Codes of Conduct

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