The Racing Manager

The Edmunds Racing Club and The Danum Partnership have been using “The Racing Manager” to offer the 36 Club members and 50 Syndicate members a significantly more inclusive ownership experience. The simple-to-use service is easily downloadable onto smartphones, tablets and laptops. The most useful services include:

  • Stuart, Trish and Harriet can instantly upload information, pictures and videos concerning horses in their care. This has been successfully used in the yard, on the gallops, going to the races, at the races and getting home safely after the races.
  • Club/Syndicate Managers/Partnerships can quickly and easily communicate with all their members/partners. This is particularly useful when organising badges for race days.
  • Automatic updates are supplied by “The Racing Manager” for the following services:
    • Race entries.
    • Race declarations.
    • A video replay of the race, usually within 5 minutes of the race finishing.
    • Timeform, pre- and post-race analysis on races your horse is declared for and run in.
    • Any change to your horses’ handicap rating by 9am on a Tuesday morning.
    • Details of when horses closely related to your horse are declared to run.
    • Collateral information concerning horses that ran in the same race as your horse the next three times they run.
    • Sales entries for horses closely related to your horse.

Edmunds Racing Limited are offering owners free registration of their horses into The Racing Manager and four free annual memberships. Further memberships are available to buy at a charge of £15 per member per annum.

For more details, please contact Kevin Orchard on 07739 186733.