Why should I join The Edmunds Racing Club?

To have fun and enjoy yourself! Most importantly, we want the members of the Edmunds Racing Club to experience the “thrill” of racehorse ownership. The ability to follow club horses as they progress through their careers and the anticipation of a successful day at the races offers so much entertainment. Sharing this excitement and anticipation with like-minded racegoers. Making new friends through shared experiences. “Dare to dream”.

Does the Edmunds Racing Club comply with the new British Horseracing Authority (BHA) Shared Ownership Regulation “Racing Club Code of Conduct”? How many members do we intend having in the Club?

Our aim is to have a maximum of 36 Club members. The Club will always have three nominated racehorses. 

How much does it cost to join the club?

Stuart Edmunds Racing Club membership lasts 12 months from the day you make your first payment and costs an all-inclusive price of £2,850 or £250 per month by standing order. In all circumstances the 12 months membership fee is not subject to any additional requests for payment in relation to the keeping, training and racing of the racehorses, no matter what costs the Club incurs.  

How do I become a member of the Club?

You will need to fill in an application form and make your first payment to the Club’s bank account, either paying in advance for the entire 12-month period or by setting up a direct debit.

Who do I contact if I have a question about the Club or membership?

Please contact one of the Club Managers. Their contact details can be found here.

How do I get entry tickets to see Club horses run?

A major reason to join ERC is to spend a day at the races watching Club horses. Our objective is to try and accommodate all members who wish to attend. Joining the Racehorse Syndicates Association (RSA) gives us an additional four badges.   Club Managers receive their own badges so will not take any away from members. There can be no guarantee of a badge. If we have too many members wishing to attend, we will make sure they are distributed fairly on a rota basis. If we are oversubscribed, we guarantee entry tickets for members not lucky enough to receive complimentary badges on that occasion.

When is the horse entered/declared and can I plan my day out at the races?

Entries are made 6 or 7 days before race day, depending on whether the horse runs on a Sunday.   The final declaration stage is 10am two days before the race. You should know whether your horse will run soon after 10 am, and the Club Manager will be in contact through The Racing Manager app as soon as he knows. What this does mean is that members need to be flexible and be able to make last minute plans. This is all part of the excitement!

What do club members do on arrival to the races?

On arrival you will normally go to the “Owners & Trainers” entrance to collect your complimentary or discounted entry tickets. Your complimentary badge usually gives you access all to all areas, including the Owners and Trainers bar, as well as a private area where you can watch your horse race. The Club Manager will have informed you of a pre-arranged time and location where Stuart (or his representative) will meet you for a chat before the race. Then enjoy seeing your horse run in Club colours. When we get a winner Club member would normally be invited to a private suite at the course where they enjoy a glass or two of champagne as they watch the replay of the race.

Can I go racing if the Club has not allocated me a complimentary badge or if the racecourse has not offered a reduced rate?

Yes, you can. We guarantee all Club members two entry tickets each time a Club horse runs.  

What is the procedure with prize money?

80% of all owners’ prize money will be divided into 36 and shared equally amongst paid up Club members on the day that the prize money was won. The prize money owing to any member will be paid on the last day of their 12-month membership period if all membership fees have been paid. The balance of 20% of the prize money will be paid to the owners of the horses who have free leased them to the Club.

Who can attend stable visit and is there any cost involved?

Experiencing a day in the life of a racing stables is a major part of becoming a member of the Club. See, first-hand, the demanding work that goes into looking after the Club horses and preparing them to be in top condition for their trip to the racecourse. The Club will organise formal stable visits for all members at appropriate times throughout the year.   Come and enjoy the hospitality of the Edmunds family and have a guided tour with a chance to meet the horses and Team Edmunds. Members plus one guest are welcome to attend free of charge. Children are welcome if fully supervised. Unfortunately, we cannot allow dogs.

Stuart is also happy to accept visitors on an ad hoc basis. Please contact the Club Manager in the first instance to confirm availability.

How will Stuart and the other Club Managers communicate with members?

Good communication will be at the heart of the Racing Club. To enhance the enjoyment of members we believe it is vital to get information out to all members as quickly as possible. We have chosen “The Racing Manager” website and mobile app platform to be that method. Members will receive a free subscription to The Racing Manager accessed through their own devices. Full details on how to access the service will be provided soon after joining the club. Please look at www.theracingmanager.com for more information.

Stuart, Harriet and Trish are often at the races so members will have plenty of opportunities to meet and chat to them. Stuart (or his representative) will meet Club members on race days at a pre-arranged time and location before the race, if possible (race day commitments willing) post-race meetings with Stuart and/or the race jockey will also be arranged.

Are there any other benefits of joining the Stuart Edmunds Racing Club in addition to prize money, badges, tickets, stable visits and free membership of the Racing Manager?
  • A welcome pack will be posted to all new members. It will include:
  • A welcome letter from trainer Stuart Edmunds.
  • A Certificate of Membership.
  • A small gift.
  • Pictures of club horses.
  • Information on “The Racing Manager” service.
  • Information on benefits available to club members through its membership of the Racehorse Syndicates Association (RSA).
  • A regular newsletter e-mailed to members with news on the horses, upcoming events and stories from Croft Farm. We will also have the occasional prize quiz and some fun along the way.
  • Pre- and post-race reports will be circulated on “The Racing Manager”.
  • A discount card for up to 50% off food at our sponsor Oakman Inn's restaurants and hotels.
What are the facilities at Croft Farm?

Stuart moved into Croft Farm Stables in Stewkley in July 2023.  The state of the art facility includes:

  • 45 boxes
  • Lunging and warm up ring
  • an 8-horse walker
  • A 4.5 furlong round all-weather gallop
  • A 1 furlong round schooling ring with 2 hurdles/chase fences
  • A 1.5 furlong deep sand gallop.
Who will be our Racing Jockey?

Stuart’s stable jockey is Ciaran Gethings. Ciaran has been successful for Stuart for several years. He also rides for leading trainers Tom George and Kim Bailey as well as other trainers who have been impressed with his riding of Stuart’s horses (especially after winning the Aintree Festival race on Hometown Boy so impressively in April 2021). Ciaran is very approachable and enjoys meeting owners on the day of the race.

On recent occasions when Ciaran is not available Stuart has turned to Charlie Hammond, Jonathan Burke, Harry Atkins and Sam Twiston-Davies.  

What happens if a Club horse is sold or is no longer able to race?

The Club leases the horses and, as a result, members are not entitled to any money resulting from the sale of a Club horse. If a horse leaves the Club for any reason the Club Managers identify a replacement horse as soon as possible and registered to the Club.

When was the club first up and running?

The Club was founded in April 2021.

What are the objectives and goals going forward for the Club?

Our main goal will always be to provide members with the ultimate thrill of racehorse ownership, have fun and meet like-minded fellow Club members whilst balancing our will to win with the care and wellbeing of our horses.

If a Club Member would like to know anything regarding the Club’s horses or any general query who should they contact?

Club Managers will be the single point of contact for Members.   The Club Manager’s role is to keep Members fully informed of all Club matters. The primary source of information will come through the free subscription members receive from “The Racing Manager” website and app (www.theracingmanager.com). Communication will also be made through telephone, email and SMS messages where necessary.